TM 333

The engines in the TM 333 family cover the 900 to 1,100 shp power range. They are intended for helicopters between three and six tonnes.

The TM 333 powers the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) twin-engine Dhruv. Approximately 300 TM 333 have been manufactured to date, together representing more than 65,400 flight hours.

The engine was originally designed to power the Airbus Helicopters Panther and Dauphin twin-engine helicopters. The Dhruv is its first commercial application.

The TM 333 has a simple architecture comprising two main modules; a compressor with two axial stages and one centrifugal stage, a reverse flow combustion chamber, a single-stage gas generator turbine and a single-stage power turbine.

The TM 333 2B2 is capable of take-off power of 1,105 shp and cruising power of 986 shp. Maximum power via the One Engine Inoperative (OEI) rating (emergency rating if one engine fails) is 1,219 shp.

The TM 2B2 is an engine option for the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Dhruv. Approximately 270 TM 333 2B2 are in operation around the world[AH1] .

 [AH1]Are these numbers consistent with the ones in the previous entry?