Intended for two-to-five-ton single and twin-engine helicopters, the Arriel engine family spans a power range of 590 to 990 shp.

The Arriel is Turbomeca's best-selling engine. Since the first two models were certified in 1977, over thirty variants have been developed and certified, and are now installed on more than 40 different types of helicopter. To date, Turbomeca has produced more than 11,500 Arriel engines and the global fleet has logged more than 42 million flight hours. With over 60% market share, the Arriel remains the benchmark engine in its range, as is the CFM International (Snecma/GE) CFM56 turbofan for medium-haul airliners. The Arriel has made a considerable contribution to the development of the helicopter industry, both in Europe and the wider world. With each new version, Turbomeca incorporates new technologies to ensure that performance and reliability remain at the highest level. Arriel engines have proved their worth through a wide range of challenging civil and military missions such as medical evacuation, search-and-rescue at sea, utility transportation, tourist flights and the energy sector (offshore transportation). The Arriel meets the highest market standards in terms of reliability and robustness. It is equally as reliable as the CFM56 engine is in its category. In December 2014, Turbomeca celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Arriel's first flight, a prototype engine in a Gazelle. The Arriel family is divided into two product lines: Arriel 1 and Arriel 2. Their power ranges are, respectively, from 590 to 750 shp and 830 to 990 shp. The Arriel 1 features a simple design, centered around five modules for easy maintenance. It comprises a single-stage axial compressor, a single-stage centrifugal compressor, a two-stage gas generator turbine and a single-stage power turbine. The Arriel 2 is a significant development of the Arriel 1, offering greater power and a simpler single-stage turbine architecture. It also features Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC). Time Between Overhaul (TBO) has gradually increased to 3,600 hours for the Arriel 1, 4,000 hours for the Arriel 2, and an ambitious target of up to 6,000 hours for a new product, the Arriel 2+. Unveiled in 2011, the Arriel 2+ is an upgrade of the Arriel 2 and is intended for the most modern single- and twin-engine helicopters. The Arriel 2+ incorporates new technologies, notably a new axial compressor and new manufacturing materials for turbine blades. The Arriel 2+ offers increased performances and reduced specific fuel consumption, resulting in lower operating costs. To lighten pilot workload and enhance safety it features the latest-generation dual-channel FADEC. Finally, for the first time, it includes an engine data recording system to monitor the turbine's hot sections. Arriel engines power a vast number of different helicopters. Within Airbus Helicopters, Arriel engines drive the Ecureuil, Fennec, H130, Dauphin, Panther, H155 and H145 families. The Arriel is also well established in China, with engines aboard the AC311 and AC312 manufactured either by Turbomeca or under license. The Arriel also drives the Sikorsky S-76 (including the C++ model) and the Agusta Westland AW109. Around the world, every day, an Arriel-powered helicopter takes off every 15 seconds of.

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