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Safran Helicopter Engines, the world leader in helicopter engines, is the only manufacturer doing business exclusively in this market. With the broadest range of turboshafts, providing from 500 to 3,000 shaft horsepower, Safran's ambition is to be the first-choice manufacturer for the entire helicopter industry and, thus, to sustain this market growth.

Safran Helicopter Engines has 6,300 employees worldwide, with 5000 based in France. In 2015, they produced and delivered 718 new engines, and repaired around 1700 engines.

Since its foundation in 1938, Safran Helicopter Engines has produced over 72,000 turbines. The company has more than 2,500 customers in 155 countries. Safran Helicopter Engines has 15 sites and operates on each continent, providing its customers with a proximity service through 44 distributors and certified maintenance centers, 18 Repair & Overhaul Centers, and 90 Field Representatives and Field Technicians.

Safran Helicopter Engines subsidiary Safran Power Units is the leading European manufacturer of turbojet engines for missiles, drones and auxiliary power units.


The company is working with all the major helicopter manufacturers and applies a strategy built around four values: safety, reliability, innovation and proximity.

Safran Helicopter Engines invests a significant share of its revenues – around fifteen per cent – to prepare for the future, by developing engines with ever greater performance, in terms of delivered power, while reducing both fuel consumption and polluting emissions.

Safran's ambition is to be the first-choice manufacturer for the entire helicopter industry. The company is developing new engines and variants and looks forward to developing a new high power engine family to position itself as a major player in the ten ton-plus heavy helicopter market.


1 out of 3
helicopter engines sold in the world is Safran
Safran is powering
of the worldwide helicopters fleet
worldwide in helicopter engines
18,200 engines
in operation


Bruno Even
Bruno Even


Serge Maillé
Serge Maillé
VP, Strategy and Development
François-Xavier Foubert
François-Xavier Foubert
VP, Quality and Process Excellence
Cyrille Poetsch
Cyrille Poetsch
VP, Programs
Pierre-Yves Morvan
François Tarel
CEO Safran Power Units


Maxime Faribault
Maxime Faribault
VP, OEM Sales
Eric Massé
Eric Massé
VP, Engineering
Laurent Mazoué
Laurent Mazoué
VP, Manufacturing
Franck Saudo
Franck Saudo
VP, Support and Services


Pierre-Jean Flores
Pierre-Jean Flores
VP, Finance and Administration
Pascal Legrain
Pascal Legrain
VP, Human Ressources

Our values

The 4 values for your success

Keeping our customers flying with complete peace of mind remains our primary goal. To achieve this we apply a strategy built around four values: safety, reliability, innovation and proximity.




The key focus of everything we do and at the heart of our corporate culture. Day after day, improving safety contributes to the technical development of our engines and associated services. We are committed to applying proactive processes such as Safety Management Systems (SMS), to minimise the risks inherent in helicopter operations.


A constant concern that drives far-reaching action not only on our engines, but also on our services and equipment availability. Your satisfaction is monitored carefully, in particular via our feedback system: in order to assess that reliability, understand your demands and provide the appropriate responses.


To keep Safran Helicopter Engines technology one step ahead, we invest fifteen per cent of our sales into Research & Development. There can be no more telling sign of our determination to design ever-more competitive engine solutions with ever-higher performance, along with value-added services such as BOOST, the new range of integrated on-line services.


To serve our customers effectively in the field, geographical and cultural coverage are essential assets. Our presence is provided by teams and partners (Certified Maintenance Centres and Repair & Overhaul Centres) based on four continents. We organise special events with our clients – Symposiums, Customer Councils and Blue Teams – which provide precious opportunities to exchange experience and fine-tune our support.

Flight safety policy

Our business: designing and manufacturing reliable and high performance helicopter turbines. Our continuing primary goal: delivering safe products to our customers.

Our commitments:

Develop and anchor within all our maintenance and repair activities a safety culture which recognizes the importance and value of efficient and predictive flight safety management.

Establish objectives for Turbomeca for contributing to flight safety, raise awareness of them among personnel and measure their performance in a continuous improvement approach.

Establish and raise awareness among the personnel involved in the assembly, maintenance and repair processes of their responsibilities with respect to flight safety.

Ensure that the personnel involved receives all appropriate information and training concerning flight safety, that they are competent in fields linked to safety and are only assigned tasks for which they are trained.

Establish, formalize and maintain cooperative relations with our partners: airframers, operators, maintenance centers, etc. to promote global flight safety management.

Guarantee the availability of financial and material means and trained and qualified human resources to implement the flight safety actions and policy.

Ensure that the application and improvement of the flight safety management system is an integral part of all our activities.

Raise awareness of our safety policy among all personnel and customers.

Progressively deploy our safety policy in all Safran Helicopter Engines processes including on our supplier's premises.


The Quality Policy of Safran Helicopter Engines is based on objectives that apply to the entire workforce.

Quality is a fundamental factor in maintaining customer satisfaction and assuring that our group achieves the commercial and economic success expected of it. Satisfying our customers is the main priority for each and every employee at Safran Helicopter Engines.

When we talk of product Quality, our aim is to achieve excellent performance levels in all our activities. This means adopting a mindset and an approach to daily work that are characterized by sustained efforts to make improvements every day towards our objective of « zero defect».

We must act to prevent all discrepancies and non-conformities by maintaining a high standard throughout the entire industrial process.

Each employee who joins our company must follow a quality training course adapted to his/her function.

Our suppliers and partners are also an integral part of this initiative and as such, benefit from our total backing and support to carry this objective through to a successful conclusion.

This quality strategy must be distributed, commented on and applied on each site of the Safran so that all employees gain a deeper understanding of our policy and are able to apply it on a daily basis.


Head office: Safran Helicopter Engines 64511 Bordes - France

Tel.: +33 (0)5 59 12 50 00

Fax: +33 (0)5 59 53 15 12