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Safran Helicopter Engines Support France is the one of the largest customer support hubs in the global Safran Helicopter Engines network. Based in Tarnos in the South West of France, on the site established in 1965, we have played a central role in defining today’s support organisation. Our subsidiary is managed by Frédéric Fourciangue and employs over 450 people.


There are two Customer support teams, one dedicated to the French military operators covered under the "MCO plateau organisation" and a second team ("Front Office") that is in charge of the civilian and military markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our teams support 350 customers operating 5,000 engines in over 80 countries.

Countries covered
Engines in service


To strengthen proximity to operators in this vast region, Safran Helicopter Engines Support France is supported by a growing network of Certified Maintenance Centers (CMC) who can provide customers technical and commercial services.
Our site has an extensive repair and overhaul facility. Level 4 interventions can be performed on all engine types, including the classic engine families (Turmo, Artouste, Astazou and Adour) and the current complete engine range, from Arrius to RTM322. Throughout its quality system, the site has obtained the necessary civilian and military aviation regulation agreements. 
We also have our own Certified Maintenance Center on-site that not only performs level 2 and 3 maintenance but also dispatches highly qualified technicians around the world to repair assets in the field.

2, 3 and 4
Level of maintenance
Engine types

Engines in service
Civil and military aviation regulatory agreements

Our ambitions

  • To keep every operator flying and to ensure their safety 
  • To have the customer at the heart of everything we do
  • To provide the best service and be recognized as a global industry leader regarding quality, costs and delays 
  • To make working in Safran Helicopter Engines Support France a great place to be


Safran Helicopter Engines Support France
Avenue du 1er mai – BP 85
40220 Tarnos
Telephone : +33 5 59 74 40 00

Contact details 

Frédéric Fourciangue – CEO
Telephone: + 33 5 59 74 44 80
Dominique Laphitz – Front Office Manager
Telephone: +33 5 59 74 48 72
 Philippe Perot – MCO France
Telephone: +33 5 59 74 40 07


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