1,110 to 1,300 shp

The Arrano is the new 1,100 to 1,300 shp Safran engine. It is designed to equip two-to-three ton single-engine helicopters and four-to-six ton twin-engine helicopters.


10 to 15% reduction in fuel consumption

A principal benefit is a ten-to-fifteen per cent reduction in specific fuel consumption, when compared with previous generation engines.

The Arrano contributes considerably to the increased performance (in terms of range and payload) available from new-generation helicopters, and to the reduced environmental footprint. The Arrano also features reduced overall dimensions and a design that facilitates and minimizes maintenance and repair operations.



    Arrano, a product of the Clean Sky program


The Arrano incorporates numerous technical innovations, including a revolutionary thermodynamic core developed for the Tech 800 technological demonstrator.

Tech 800 was the result of a research study financed by the European Commission's Clean Sky program, a public-private partnership with the European aerospace industry.

Safran Helicopter Engines developed the 1,100 shp Tech 800 in collaboration with 34 partners (eighteen of which were SMEs), plus universities and research centers from ten European countries.

The first bench test of the Tech 800 took place in April 2013.

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A new generation of engines

The Arrano represents a perfect synthesis of new-generation and proven technologies. It incorporates a two-stage centrifugal compressor, the aerodynamics of which are designed to deliver performance and reliability. It also features a reverse-flow combustion chamber and a single-stage power turbine. An IGV (Inlet Guide Vane) system, made up of variable-pitch blades positioned above the compressor, improves the thermodynamic cycle of the engine in cruise flight, and contributes to its reduced fuel consumption.


Additive manufacturing process

The Arrano is one of the first aeronautical engines to use components manufactured using the additive manufacturing process. The injectors in the combustion chambers of series production models are produced using lasers to fuse a metal powder compound. This process enables complex-shape parts to be obtained much faster, and using fewer pieces.


First flight in 2016

First bench tests of the Arrano took place in February 2014 at Safran Helicopter Engines's Bordes factory. The Arrano-powered Airbus Helicopters H160 made its first flight on January 27, 2016.

The Arrano is the most innovative and high-performance engine in its class. It embodies the technological know-how and expertise that has lain at the heart of Safran Helicopter Engines's reputation for nearly 75 years .

10 to 15%
reduction in specific fuel consumption
2019: entry in to service

Arrano 1A

The 1A is the first variant of the Arrano, intended to power Airbus Helicopters' revolutionary new twin-engine H160. In early 2015, Airbus Helicopters announced its decision to select the Arrano 1A as sole engine on the H160, in part, on its ability to deliver extra power when operating in hot-and-high conditions. The Arrano-powered H160 made its first flight on January 27, 2016.

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