Engines over 2,000 shp

In the over 2,000 shp engine market range, Safran Helicopter Engines has developed the Makila (1,800 to 2,100 shp) and RTM322 (2,100 to 2,600 shp) families. Safran Helicopter Engines has also unveiled its brand-new Aneto high power engine family in October 2017. Designed for new super-medium and heavy helicopter market, it will feature several models covering 2500 to over 3000 shp power range.

In this market range, Safran Helicopter Engines currently works with several helicopter manufacturers: Airbus Helicopters, NH Industries and Leonardo. Safran Helicopter Engines therefore powers the Airbus Helicopters' H225 family, NH Industrie's NH90, Leonardo's EH 101 and AW189K.

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