HPE (High-Power Engines)

Safran Helicopter Engines is developing a new family of engines known as HPE (High-Power Engines, or MFP for Moteurs Forte Puissance). The turbines fall into the 2,500 - 3,000+ shp power range and will target the nine-to-fifteen ton civil and military helicopter.

Safran Helicopter Engines is now ready to meet helicopter OEM requirements; the engines could enter service before the decade is out.

The launch of the HPE family forms part of an industrial strategy, a key stage of which was the 2013 acquisition, from Rolls-Royce, of the entire RTM322 program. Taking ownership of this program has enabled Safran to strengthen its technological know-how of large helicopter engines; indeed, the RTM322 is the first member of the new group.

The next step in the development of the HPE family is the bench-testing of a technology demonstrator dubbed Tech 3000. This machine will help Safran Helicopter Engines validate new compressor and hot-section technologies, and investigate the use of new materials.

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