BOOST, an important project milestone reached by an innovative range of services

Heli-Expo, Anaheim, 25 February 2014

Turbomeca announced the achievement of a major milestone in the BOOST project (BOOST – Bank of Online Services & Technologies): the delivery of the first version of the IBM application.


BOOST is Turbomeca's future range of advanced engine and maintenance management services. With this unique, highly secure web-based application, customers will be able to electronically share data with Turbomeca, smooth and facilitate operations and airworthiness tasks as well as limit human factors through its specific online features.

At this year's show, Turbomeca will present this innovative application to customers during live demonstrations: discover the electronic engine logbook, the integrated links with the web-IETP and its time-saving features for managing engine configuration and scheduling maintenance.

The next major step in the BOOST project is the test phase. Turbomeca already signed Collaboration Agreements with 6 customers in 2013 and is expecting new other customers including Ecocopter (Chili) and Helisul Taxi Aereo (Brazil), to the group of testers. The first round of tests have already started within Turbomeca and the application will be later tested by the first customers this summer.

Turbomeca has also signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU) with 3 IT software companies that specialize in aircraft maintenance and management solutions: Ramco (India), AMS (Canada) and LTB400 (Germany). The aim of these agreements is to develop compatibility solutions between BOOST and these renowned IT systems to enable customers to fully capitalize on the experience and solutions offered by all companies.

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