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Customer Newsletter - Special Edition

8 facts about how we are Focused on You

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our strategy and in the minds of our 6,000 employees, every day, everywhere. That is the meaning of "Focused on you".

You have voiced in several independent surveys how you consider our products, support and services.  We would like to thank you for this recognition and for your confidence.  To show you exactly how we are "Focused On You", our customers, discover the following 8 "facts"! 




  • We are the only engine OEM dedicated to helicopters in the market

  • Widest range of helicopter engines (450shp to 3,000shp)

  • Powering rotorcraft for all turbine helicopter manufacturers




  • You rated our Tech Reps N°1 in ProPilot surveys since 2008 (Helicopter Division)

  • Best "action time" for technical support within 24 hours - Vertical Magazine Survey (2016)

  • N°1 in Responsiveness & Quality of Field Representatives - Vertical Magazine Survey (2016)


  • Our spare parts routine delivery service rates are constantly above 95% since 2014 

  • Best "action time" for parts delivery within 24 hours - Vertical Magazine Survey (2016)

  • 97% customers are  satisfied with our Spare parts service (2016 INIT survey for Safran Helicopter Engines)


  • You rated our AOG service N°1 in ProPilot magazine survey (Helicopter Division 2016)

  • Best "action time" for AOG service within 24 hours - Vertical Magazine Survey (2016)

  • AOG service rates: 98% over the last 3 years & 99% over the last 2 years 



  • Your Standard Exchange assets are delivered from our Pool with service rates above 98%:

    • Engine /Module: 98%

    • FCU/HMU: 99%

    • FADEC: 98% 


  • 10 Customer Councils are organized each year around the world: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Japan

  • Top 5 irritants (Products & Services) originated from these events

  • 50+ products and services irritants solved with customers


  • You rated our "Product Improvement" as N°1 in the Vertical magazine survey (2016)

  • N°1 in "Response to problems" - ProPilot magazine survey (Helicopter Division 2016)

  • Reliability: Less than 1 removal every 2 TBOs (2016 average figure)


  • You rated our "Warranty Fulfilllment" N°1 in the Vertical magazine survey (2016)

  • 93% customers are satisfied with our warranty services  (2016 INIT survey for Safran Helicopter Engines)

  • Online request form and tracking available on our Customer Portal 


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