Turbomeca and the Arriel 2D, partners of high-flying operators in the Kingdom of Nepal

Heli-Expo, Anaheim, 25 February 2014

Turbomeca rewards executives from three customers from Nepal. On behalf of the Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN), Turbomeca CEO Olivier Andriès will present trophies to Mr. Sudhir Mittal, Chairman Shree Airlines; Capt Dawa Sherpa, Chairman Mountain Helicopters and Capt Rameswar Thapa, Chairman of Simrik Air.

Shree Airlines recently took delivery of an AS 350B3e fitted with an Arriel 2D gas turbine. The growing airlines has signed with Airbus Helicopters for a further six AS350B3e and three EC130T2 and offers services including heli-skiing, business charter, SAR and Medevac.

Mountain Helicopters operates three A-Stars with Arriel engines and Simrik Air has two B3e models, both with Arriels. The engines are under Support By the Hour SBH® contracts and one of those has an application pending.

At Heli-Expo Turbomeca celebrates 40 million flying hours logged by Arriel engines. The milestone is further proof of the exceptional reliability offered by this family of turboshafts: since 1977, over 11,000 engines of the type have been produced. Many of the 40 million hours have been flown during operations in extreme conditions on 40 different types of helicopter.

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