Turbomeca CEO pledges “full support” to Bell 505 Jet Ranger X program

Heli-Expo, Anaheim, 25 February 2014

Turbomeca, a Safran company, will bring its entire proximity network to bear in supporting customers of Bell Helicopter's new five-seat, short light single engine helicopter. In a firstever collaboration between the two corporations, the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X will be powered by Turbomeca's latest Arrius 2R gas turbine.



The Arrius 2R engine delivers performance and power within the 450-550 shaft horsepower class, while improving safety and lowering pilot workload via a Full Authority Dual-channel Engine Control (FADEC). The twin-module engine configuration will reduce fuel consumption and lower the cost of operation. The Arrius 2R offers proven reliability and a 3,000 hour Time-Between-Overhaul at service entry, as well as Turbomeca's renowned service and support capabilities.

Turbomeca Chairman & CEO Olivier Andriès said, "This is a great moment for Turbomeca and we are proud that the newest member of our Arrius family will power the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X. We believe the 2R provides the right combination of power, performance and value and I pledge our commitment to earning the confidence both of Bell and its worldwide customer base. The development of the engine is on track, the first test bench run is planned for April 2014 and certification is aligned with the helicopter's development schedule. The engine will be assembled at our Turbomeca USA facility in Dallas (Texas)."

"After 75 years of commitment to the rotorcraft industry, I am honored and delighted that Bell, a company with a high reputation for product quality and support, has selected us as a partner. To respond to operators' needs, notably to those of small fleet operators, we will triple the number of Certified Maintenance Centers in the next 10 years"

More than 3,000 Arrius engines have been sold by Turbomeca, accumulating 6.6 million flight hours for 430 customers in 60 countries.

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