Services tailored to customer mission and fleet


Committed to providing its customers with the most comprehensive and reliable support, Safran Helicopter Engines provides a customer-centric EngineLife solution based on five key pillars: 

  • Training and consulting
  • Technical Publications
  • Material and maintenance
  • Technical expertise
  • Cost control and availability



EngineLife services have been created to support customers all along the life of their engine; from the purchase of a new aircraft, during each flight and maintenance task they operate until engine resale or end of life.

EngineLife Services are backed by a worldwide resource assuring proximity to its customers and reactivity to their needs. Safran Helicopter Engines maintains 12 sites outside France, including five dedicated to engine repair. Nearly 100 Field Representatives and Field Technicians contribute to both networks, backed by partnerships with 13 non-Safran repair and overhaul centers, and more than 45 distributors and certified maintenance centers (CMC). 

The company constantly strives to improve its service offer to provide customers with the best solution, tailored not only to airframe and engine type, but as well to mission and operating environment, to keep customers flying, whenever, wherever.


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