Cost control and availability

Safran Helicopter Engines offers support contracts for all customers, civil or military. There are two types of contracts:

  • Cost control with SBH® (Support By the Hour) available in 3 versions: SBH®5Star, SBH®Classic and SBH®M.
  • Availability with GSP® (Global Support Package)



SBH®5Star is intended for civil operators with a fleet of up to 5 helicopters. It is a complete service guaranteeing financial and operational coverage for engine maintenance. SBH®5Star can cover both scheduled and unscheduled events by smoothing and controlling costs.

"Pay as you fly": this service provides a guaranteed cost per hour of flight and therefore perfectly follows the activity, even seasonal. The customer is supported by the official Safran Helicopter Engines certified network and benefits from the replacement engines of the Safran pool.

SBH®5 Star is available in three turnkey versions:

  • Shield: protection against the unexpected
  • Business: cost control
  • Ultimate: full coverage





SBH®Classic is intended for civil operators with a fleet of more than 5 helicopters. Like all SBH® solutions, it can cover both scheduled and unscheduled events and offers priority access to the Safran engine pool. SBH®Classic is fully customized, offering total flexibility.

"Pay as you fly": the per flight hour concept perfectly follows your activity.

According to our customers, "Safran was able to create a customized SBH® contract to meet our specific needs. SBH®Classic controls costs, is efficient and maintains the reliability of our standards."





SBH®M is the SBH® solution for military operators.

It is a comprehensive per flight hour service that provides financial and operational engine coverage that can cover scheduled or unscheduled events, smoothing and cost control.

It is specially designed for the demanding missions of Armed Forces and in addition to the MRO services, it includes specific technical support.





The GSP® is a long-term partnership contract that ensures the availability of engines for military and parapublic operators. It guarantees a level of availability at a fixed price and allows a high level of autonomy and a complete control of the costs.

The objectives of the GSP® are:

  • The guarantee of the availability of engines.
  • The reduction of costs.
  • A controlled budget by smoothing expenses.

With the GSP®, our customers transfer responsibility for all technical and logistical matters to Safran Helicopter Engines.




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