Cost control and availability

Safran Helicopter Engines maintenance solutions maximize availability of customer engines if the unexpected happens. Predictable payments also help future planning. 

For helicopter fleets of any size, civil or military, Safran has a plan to keep them all flying.

5Star Plans is a support contract designed for civil customers operating up to five helicopters. It offers five levels of service covering scheduled and/or unscheduled events.

The customer can choose from the range of services offered by Safran's network of Certified Maintenance Centers (CMC) and Distributors:

  • 5Star Priority: priority access to the Original Engine Manufacturer pool 
  • 5Star Warranty: solutions for new and for sale engines
  • 5Star Shield: protection for unscheduled events
  • 5Star Business: cost control
  • 5Star Ultimate: full coverage



SBH® (Support By the Hour) is a comprehensive service for civilian operators of more than five helicopters. 

Protected by SBH®, operators pay a fixed cost per engine flight-hour. Expenses are clear, predictable and activity based.

Investment protection: SBH® improves the residual value of assets and smooths engine maintenance costs.

Improved fleet availability: SBH® offers access to the Safran pool of spares engines, modules and accessories, providing effective replacement solutions.

The operator can cover scheduled and/or unscheduled events and select from a wide range of options: complete engine or modular maintenance, accessories with TBO (Time Between Overhaul), life-limited parts…



The Global Support Package contract optimizes engine availability and enables military and parapublic operators to focus on core activities. It guarantees availability at a fixed price per engine flying hour and provides high levels of autonomy and budget control. 

Care Program®

The warranty is part of the Care Program® along with the Noria and commercial support. 

Two types of warranty:

  • Standard warranty issued on all engines: new, repaired or overhauled.
  • Extended warranty issued on new engines: chargeable and with coverage up to 60 months or 2,000 hours.

Warranty period begins on product delivery and can be neither amended nor assigned without Safran consent.

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