Material and Maintenance

Safran Helicopter Engines' MRO expertise allows customers to optimize the availability of their engine fleet through a dedicated spare engine and accessory pool. 

Customers can choose between rental and standard exchange and benefit from fast access to spare parts and tooling. 

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)


Engines, modules, accessories and equipment benefit from repair or overhaul from Safran repair network.

Repair intervention restores damaged or failed components to working order. These parts retain their TBO (Time Between Overhaul).

Overhaul is a major intervention to inspect and restore equipment to working order, resetting its TBO to zero (exclusively for time-limited engines, modules and accessories).

These operations involve Level 4 maintenance operations including a mandatory test bench run.

We offer budget solutions to extend the life of certain parts, anticipating overhauls and adapting the repair to obtain a new TBO at the lowest cost.



Standard exchange and rental


When a helicopter is out of service, Safran replacement solutions put fully serviceable equipment at the customer's disposal, thus allowing flight operations to continue.

The standard exchange service offers an optimized replacement while customer equipment is being repaired or overhauled. The service is available for engines, modules and accessories and involves a change of ownership.
This enables the customer to return the aircraft to service as fast as possible, without being penalized by repair/overhaul lead-times. 
Eight pool teams ensure worldwide support for 50 engine variants. Online requests can be made at the Customer Portal.

Rentals are offered for short periods to keep an aircraft flying while customer equipment is being repaired or overhauled.



Spare parts and tooling


Be ready for any AOG incident and associated logistic issues. Have the necessary components as well as a forecast of any spares needed for scheduled inspections (filters, seals etc.) to perform any maintenance task (all engines) defined in the Maintenance Manual or Technical Maintenance Instructions.

Tools can be purchased directly from Safran to enable inspections, disassembly and assembly for routine maintenance.



MRO process tracking


MRO process tracking is a service that allows customers to issue all types of requests (standard exchange, repair, warranty ...) in just a few clicks via the Safran Helicopter Engines Customer Portal.

The customer then has access, in real time, to the progress status of their requests (repair in progress, preparation of the shipment, etc. ...).





e-Spares is a new service that allows customers to order spare parts and tools online.

Simple and intuitive, e-Spares allows users to easily identify and select the parts and tools they need. Prices are immediately displayed and parts availability is calculated in real time, allowing users to place orders immediately.

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