Technical expertise

Safran Helicopter Engines provides customers with maintenance expertise adapted to their mission requirements. 

A worldwide network of experts provides superior 24/7 responsiveness to maintenance requests, performing tasks and engine diagnostics to ensure fleet availability.

A helpline is available 24/7 to answer questions or respond to requests.

Helpline and AOG 


The AOG (Aircraft On Ground) service is an emergency procedure that customers may activate when a helicopter is grounded.

It applies when exceptional circumstances require Level 1 or 2 troubleshooting. It must be validated by a Field Representative or by the unit managing the AOG service. 

Safran undertakes to make components (engines, modules, accessories, tooling and/or spare parts) available within 24 hours (excluding delivery).

There are two ways to trigger an AOG response:

  • Helpline: A Paris-based call center available 24/7 on +33 1 64 14 64 14.
  • Online request at the Customer Portal. Outside office hours, this must be backed up by call to helpline.



Field Representatives


A team of 50 Field Representatives provides proximity 24/7 technical support in 125 countries. They keep Safran engines running and aircraft flying in compliance with Airworthiness and Safety instructions.
They identify requirements, offer precise diagnostics and guide customers through the troubleshooting process.



Field Technicians


110 Field Technicians, all expert mechanics, located around the world to optimize technical maintenance interventions. 

Their main mission is to perform Level 1, 2 or 3 technical maintenance interventions in compliance with applicable regulations and Safran Helicopter Engines standards, at a Certified Maintenance Center or in the field (operator's site or maintenance facility).



Health monitoring 


Safran Helicopter Engines is implementing a range of engine health monitoring and predictive solutions to track engine life parameters and implement proactive maintenance actions. 

  • Essential health monitoring: "do it yourself"
    Customer tools to implement their own predictive maintenance. Enter Engine Power Check data manually, visualize engine trends directly on the Customer Portal and analyze independently. 
  • Premium health monitoring: "we do it for you"
    Receive predictive maintenance recommendations from Safran experts, customized to fit customer missions and usage profile. A peace-of-mind solution thanks to Safran analysis of automatic and continuous collection of multiple health parameters (data collection box required).

​Transform reactivity into proactivity: Detect low-risk signals at the earliest stage and prevent events.

Predict the unexpected: Improve troubleshooting efficiency, monitor engine usage and exceedances.

Bespoke engineering: Customize maintenance to individual missions and environment.





Expert link is a new service that allows operators to contact Safran Helicopter Engines via a secure video feed. The latter can thus facilitate the realization of technical diagnoses or assist operators during a maintenance operation.

Expert link is available with two levels of service.

  • Essential, where Safran Helicopter Engines offers remote diagnostics and interactive video support in real time.
  • Premium that adds "hands-free" support for scheduled maintenance operations, using connected glasses or borescope devices.

With Expert link the video connection is secure and compatible with smartphones, tablets, endoscopes, IR cameras and connected glasses.

The application integrates high-definition photo graphy, drawings and file exchange features.



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