Technical publications

All Safran helicopter engines are accompanied by complete Technical Publications for maintenance tasks (Organizational & Intermediate levels).  

The Technical Publications include Maintenance Manual, troubleshooting book, tooling catalog, spare parts catalog, Service Letters (SL) and Service Bulletins (SB).

They are available in three formats.

IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications)


Available for most engine families (Arriel, Arrius, TM 333, Ardiden 1, Makila and RTM 322). User-friendly interface features practical and dynamic consultation with tutorials.

Web IETP: up-to-date and available 24/7 on the Customer Portal; PC, Mac and tablet compatible.

IETP: application to download to customer IT network, on request.

PDF of all technical documentation (except RTM 322) is available to download on the Customer Portal.

Paper on request.

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